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Armand (who always seems to post interesting blog entries), blogged recently about “A Game in 96K” (which looks interesting but doesn’t work on my work PC… I’ll have to take it home tonight and see if it will be happier there)… In that post he mentioned that he found out about the game from “Hello_World“… which is a REALLY interesting blog (its kinda linked to “Jo’blog” which is also fun).  They have some really fun thoughts on some of our current Ad’s in South Africa.  They also linked to “Story Blog” which is great… I liked the way D’ave from “Hello_World” explained that blog it was made “with the objective of creating a collection of stories that can be used in presentations, or explaining a concept to an inept client“…

Check out “The Ambulance Down In The Valley” for a great example! πŸ˜€

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Thanks for the link to the story blog! That’s my new little pet project that I hope more people will contribute to. I really appreciate the link! As Rich wrote; YOU ROCK!


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