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Well, I’ve been busy over the past few days playing with DotNetNuke.  I downloaded v2.0.4 on Friday, installed it on my work pc, spent about 30 minutes copying and pasting stuff from my company’s website into DNN and wowed my boss with what it could do.  On Monday they released v2.1.1, so I got that down and installed it on my website.

Now I just need to learn how to make a custom component(desktop module), and how to skin it.  I HATE “making pretty”.  Ok, maybe HATE is a strong word… My graphical abilities are definately not my strongest skill, and for me to spend 5 hours making something that a more skilled person could do better in 5 minutes seems pointless.  I know there are some sites out there with “premade” skins, and skins for sale… I went to one last night (DNNSkins) but that’s not only running DNN v1.0.10, but it also seemed to have no skins in its store. (its like its database is blank)… I tried looking at SnowCovered, but its UI kinda sucks, so I haven’t really found much.  DIYWebsite (which seems to be an alternative front for Salaro) has a much nicer UI – you actually get to see samples of the site quite quickly so instead of choosing between 5 descriptions, you can choose between 5 looks.  I’d love to use TemplateMonster (cool UI and plenty of skins), but they don’t do DNN templates. 🙁

Anyway, I’m gonna keep on looking for sites with cool skins – if anyone knows of any, let me know.

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