It’s a revolution! :)

Hey, just after I bought my Dancing Stage Euromix and dance pad (See my “Dancing Barefoot” entry), I see this blog on the X-Box version, titled “Its a revolution…”

I want an X-Box! I want an X-Box! I want an X-Box!

One reply on “It’s a revolution! :)”

Being the DDR fan I am, it should say something I haven’t bought the Xbox DDR even though I have an Xbox! Yikes. (hint: its because it plays and looks like a downgrade and the announcers are horrrrrrrrible)

I’m always playing DDR Extreme (Jap) or DDR Party Mix (Jap) on my PS2 these days. If you love DDR (and other music games), PS2 is by far the better investment [especially if you can import]

I’m not sure what to say about playing imports on a PAL PS2, but I use a flip-lid and swap disk with my NTSC US PS2 to play NTSC JAP PS2 discs, avoiding the modchip route.

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