Choir, Computing and the Future

[I couldn’t find a word for “the future” that began with a C.]

Yesterday was my first time leading the choir at church.  There are 2 choirs, and choir 1 is so much better at arriving for practices than choir 2.  Fortunately I was leading choir 1, so we had 15 people there.  As a choir, they have some really good Tenors and Altos which is great because it took some pressure off me having to tell them precisely what to sing.

I was VERY impressed with them, even though I wasn’t the most confident leader, they followed me well (even through the songs that we’d never heard before).  It was a bonus that Jo-Jo was singing backing vocals coz she came over to help out with the Alto parts a two or three times. (I think at least 2 of the 3 times, she found that they were singing the right parts)

Computing and the Future
At home, I sat upstairs having supper, unpacking my books, and watching TV.  They had an interesting show about the future… and one line that stood out for me, which went something like this:
People always complain about how busy and hectic life is now, and how in the future with technology life will be less full of demands.  But they’ve got it the wrong way round.  Technology is what causes us to have so many decisions and options open to us that we’re always having to make decisions.  Technology is there to give us opportunities, not more time.

Quite an interesting look at it. I’ll post more on this later… I must get back to work – we’re closing the offices at 3pm coz they’re being fumigated – and I’d like to be done before they start. 🙂

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