Google, E-Bay and bad spellings

A while ago I read an article on /. about finding bargains on e-bay. Basically, people upload auctions which have badly spelled descriptions, like “labtop” instead of “laptop”.  They get very few people looking at them because the item names/descriptions are spelled incorrectly.

Looking at the stats for my site (, I noticed some interesting mis-spellings that people are searching for.  For example, Charlie mis-spelled the movie title “Once upon a time in mexico”, as “Once apon a time in mexico” (click the link to see Charlie’s entry).

He has got over 216 hits from Google/Yahoo! and others just because of that incorrect spelling and his blog entry is the 2nd in the list for searches on the mis-spelled name!

I wonder what I should mis-spell to get some attention to my blog?  Microwsoft/Mikrosoft/Bull Gates/Bill Goats?  Hrm… I guess I could be heading for a law suite like the guy (Mike Rowe) who registered “”… 🙂

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