Dancing barefoot…

Besides being the title of a book by Will Wheaton, its what I’ve been doing every now and again this week.  All this was possible because of the ultra-cool playstation game by Konami called “Dancing Stage Euromix“, its the PSX version of the arcade game that you often see kids “dancing” on at gaming arcades.

Its actually a whole lot of fun, and teaches you from the basic steps to relatively “advanced” steps.  If you have a sense of humour, and especially if you have friends with senses of humour, you can have lots of fun with this.  I think the best that I’ve done is a medium to slow paced dance with a “4 foot” difficulty rating.

The only negatives about the PSX version are the graphics, and the amount of songs… On the PS2 version you get double the songs, and naturally (coz its a newer console)  you get better graphics.  So if anyone feels the urge to buy me a PS2, feel free.  Or if you’re feeling especially generous and want to go all the way, and X-Box would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

I recently saw an X-Box version of the dancing game which looks really cool, and of course I just love the X-Box – once you’ve seen the graphics on that baby, you won’t want to play a PSX game ever again.

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