Final blog before the wedding

Cool… one last blog before I get married… Being the “uber-geek” that I am, and having everyone at work asking “how many hours left?” (ok, ok… I admit… it was just one person that asked) I thought I’d get my PC to work out how many hours were left.

So I set up an excel spreadsheet to do it for me… but then I thought… hrm, maybe I’d want to check this when I am not at my PC… so I thought I’d setup a web page… but what good is a web page if you’re not at a PC?  So I ended up making a mobile web page… so I can check the countdown from my cellphone(A Sony Ericsson T300).

So, if you go to, you’ll see my Wedding Countdown… When it gets to 0, the service should have started, when its at -1, I should be officially married.  At around -4.5 to 5 hours, I should be making my speech, so if you want to pray for me, that’s when I’ll need it. 🙂

Bye. I’ll write again after the honeymoon. (I’m back at work on the 22nd of March, so that’s possibly when I’ll write my next blog)

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