Trial run

Last night was the wedding rehearsal, and dinner.  The bed I’d ordered was meant to arrive some time today (after 3pm), but I got a call at about 3pm yesterday to find out if they could deliver it yesterday.   Eventually they dropped it off at 5pm – I had to leave work early to meet them.  (After agreeing to drop off the bed at 5pm, they rocked up at 4:30pm wondering where I was… so I told them to come back at 5, which they did)  As I arrived at my complex, I got a call from my mom asking directions to the church, and from christie to ask if I could give her a lift to the church.

I hate it when you have 2 phone calls, and a bunch of people waiting for you… especially when you have pretty crappy reception and the calls are important.  Anyway, my mom got her directions, Christie got a lift, and the bed people not only delivered the bed, but they also helped me move my current bed to its new room in the house. (in the loft)

The practice went well… oddly enough, the people who had to drive the furthest (my dad and colleen) were the first to arrive.

Malcolm (the guy doing the service) is great. We’ve not been the best at communicating what we want to him, but he seems very relaxed about it.  He asked a whole bunch of questions that we hadn’t thought of regarding how the service would run, and I learned a lot about what we’re doing when, and how.

The supper was great… the Coffee Shop ladies cooked an excellent stir fry, and we all enjoyed chatting and eating. 🙂

Afterwards, Mark (my brother) decided to stay the night with me which was great coz we sat and chatted for an age, and we both worked on our speeches for the reception.  Mine’s kinda finished except for a list of people to thank, a few last touches, and I want to get it checked for “appropriateness of humour”. (some people might not get some of the jokes)

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