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Last night was our first “Leaders in touch” meeting… For those of you who haven’t been at New Covenant Church Bryanston for over a year, the “Leaders in touch” were put in place about a year ago to help connect homecells and people in the church with a broader base of leaders. 

While we have about 7 eldership couples at the church, there are probably about 1500 members in the church.  Which means that there are about 214.28571428571428571428571428571 members per eldership couple.  So there’s no way that everyone will be able to connect with an elder when they have problems… On top of that, the elders don’t devote every second of their entire life to counselling (that just wouldn’t be feasible).  Home cell leaders are probably the next point of contact… but then I’m not really in a position to be “couselling” people on deep issues (there would be no accountability for my actions), and what about those people who aren’t in home cells?

So that’s where the “Leaders in touch” come in… they’re people who are trusted by the elders, and who have the maturity to deal with whatever issues they’re faced with (even if it means referring them to the correct elder).  Anyway, the “Leaders in touch” connect with the home cell leaders to help them if they have hassles, teach them, encourage them, exhort them, etc.

Anyway, last night was our first meeting with them… actually it was dinner.  There were 4 home cell’s leaders there, which was great.  Its awesome to hear other people with similar issues to you, and to hear how some of them have solved problems you’re struggling with, or to be able to help others with suggestions from what you’ve done to solve problems that they’re experiencing.  Simon and Tarryn(sp?) Murphy are our “Leaders in touch”. (Ok, I’m getting tired of putting “Leaders in touch” in quotes all the time, but the only other way I could write it to signify that its a “title” is to say Leaders-in-touch – but even so its not really a title as much as it signifies a relationship)

It was a good evening, and it was great to get to know everyone better… 🙂

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I’d just like to say that I am part of the youth at NCCB, and Simon and Tarryn (who have recently been ordained as elders) are outstanding leaders and an excellent example of Christ likeness.

They are the leaders at youth, and Simon has spoken on some quite dynamic topics.


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