An update (finally)

Well, so much is happening, and I’ve not done an update…  I have a partially completed “Wedding Update”, but too much happened and I don’t want to leave stuff out or mess up details… the next thing I know I’ll find myself sleeping on the couch again.  (Um, actually its not “again”, coz I’ve not done that yet.  Christie’s too nice to do that to me)  Anyway, back to the point… I’m going to skip writing about the wedding till I have time.  I’d also like to upload some pics from the wedding to coincide with the wedding blog entry, so I’ll have to spend some time at home getting the pics and details ready.

In other news: My company has made 2 big sales!  One to Denel (announced internally on Friday), where our software is now going to be going into their entire set of companies/divisions.  It was used in about 8 of the over 30 companies… and the deal is worth between R50 and R100 million. (That’s a big enough ballpark not to cause any concerns over leaking out the details – not that we were told to hold off the details, but I’d rather be a bit more on the safe side)   And the other sale is to “SAS” or “Siemens and Forecia” (or something that sounds similar)… the “SAS” sale is WAAAAY smaller in value than the Denel sale, but its aparently a really good foot into new/other market areas for us. (Don’t quote me on that I’m just clueless underling, so I know nothing.  On top of that, all comments are purely my own views and not those of my company, or any company related to my company, or anyone else’s for that matter (unless otherwise specified(your milage may vary(batteries not included))))


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