Weekend re-cap – Part 2


  – Trevor and Julian have written an awesome song, “Glory in the Highest”.
  – Singing BV was cool, always stretching, but I think its getting better. Candice is awesome and always willing to help, advise and encourage, which makes my mistakes more bearable. 🙂 (its kinda cool singing with a professional singer)
  – Ash inducted/appointed about 40 odd deacons… a great thing, coz it will really streamline a lot of things, and let the eldership touch a lot more people.
Lunch @ the Seymours
  – Christie’s grandparents came for lunch at their new place, so I was invited. I’d been hoping to have the afternoon to myself to sleep and generally veg at home… but spending the afternoon with Christie and family (while not my original plan), was great. 🙂
Odd thoughts on service
After church in the evening, Sean and I stopped at KFC for supper… they were clearly VERY busy and there were quite a number of people either waiting for orders, or waiting to order. We waited some time for our food (they had run out of cooked fillets, or something like that.. ) But while we were waiting, some shmuck came inside and stood looking like he was waiting to place an order. Eventually he got to the front of the queue, and he started blasting the waitress because he’d gone through the drive through and ordered 10 pcs and 4 burgers and he was still waiting. He’d waited in a queue to get to the till for about 5-10 minutes. (During which time, the KFC staff had delivered the food to his car) Needless to say he was looking a bit foolish, coz had he just stayed at his car he would have had his food 5 minutes before his little outburst. But on his way out he proceeded his angry rant, swearing as he left the shop saying something along the lines “I had to wait this long and you call yourselves a take away”.

His anger was really not necessary, nor was his swearing… but his last line kinda made me laugh… If he’d said that they call themselves a “fast food” place, then perhaps his comment would have been valid, as “Fast Food” does not imply that you’d be waiting. But “Take Away” implies nothing about speed of service, it simply means that you can take the food away with you. (which is exactly what he did) So not only did he waste his own time by leaving his car (thereby delaying recieving his food for an extra 5 minutes), but he also made himself look thick with his stupid outburst, and lack of logic. In fact, had he had the decency to observe the situation, he would have seen that he wasn’t the only one waiting, and that the people behind the counter were doing their best to keep up with the sudden and (fairly obviously) unexpected influx of people.

Sometimes I wonder if we get too angry to quickly… and sometimes I wonder if we accept too much bad service without any complaints.

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