Weekend re-cap – Part 1


I found out that my site @ the new hosting company was finally 100% functional
  – First there was a patch from WebAutomation (the makers of HELM, the control panel) which broke some ASP.Net stuff on their servers, then there was a bad technical support guy (who soon got replaced), then the site moved to a new server (before the server went live).
  – On the new server I couldn’t access its control panel (problem with my ISP), and then it seemed that they moved all the rest of the sites over from their old server and in the process moved a copy of my old site. So now there were two copies of my site on their server, and the server decided to take me to the old (non-working) copy whenever I tried to view the site. (The joys of virtual hosting on IIS)… I finally figured this out on Friday, and mailed them to suggest that this could be the cause.
  – So at about 3am on Saturday morning I thought I’d check if the site was working, and it was. AND I could access the control panel. … It seems that my ISP doesn’t like you going to view a website that has no domain associated with it. So I setup a subdomain of DigitalTinder that pointed to the control panel’s IP, and I could finally access it.
  – I then spend another 1.5 hrs changing my domain entries, and moving new changes to their site… finally got to bed at about 4:30am.
Music School
  – It was the last morning for the music school, and a number of ppl weren’t there… I only had classes for Ear Training, Keyboards, and Arrangement & Composition… Ensemble was cancelled because there were only 2 pupils present.
Sean’s do
  – Sean turned 24 on Saturday… 🙂 He had his party at the clubhouse at La Viale (where Shaleen, Natasha, and Christie each stay) I’ll put pics up on one of the galleries at a later stage…

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