Thoughts on work…

I was wondering… are developers, or more accurately “coders”, the replacement for the factory workers of the industrial age? Albeit we’re paid more, have more rights, better working conditions, etc… Even with the better working conditions we have health risks – back problems, carpal tunnel, RSI’s. In the overall scheme of IT companies, a new “coder-only” is the lowest paid… Well, as far as I’ve seen its actually the new “techie-only” that’s the lowest paid. By “coder-only”, and “techie-only”, I mean the grunts that are just paid to do what they’re told. Nothing more.

I guess each industry, and each company has its “factory workers”, but I wonder if any of them see themselves as such, or if they grasp the implications of that… and if they don’t are they really prepared to look at the problem, or will they (as with so much else in this “instant” generation) simply ignore it, because it doesn’t suite them, or because they are afraid of what they might find. So why exert the effort when you can just drink another sip of the pre-packaged, “ready to drink”, meal-replacement life?

I guess the big difference now days is that we are more able to learn and progress. It may take time, but a house-cleaner or a person at the checkout counter at a grocery store could study part time towards their desired career. But how many do? Do you? Do I?

Do we even see beyond where we are, and what we’re in, to where our hearts want us to go, and who we were made to be?
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