First post!

Somehow, I think this should be something momentous, or otherwise “special”… as the first post, I’d hope it was at least kinda neat. So far, I have nothing life changing, or life altering to say.

Why did I start the blog?
Cos I like the idea of writing up my thoughts to the net – the big unknown, nobody really cares about what’s posted here, and I get some way to write out the thoughts and ideas that are running through my little head.

I’ve liked the idea of blogging for a loooooong while, but haven’t really found a tool that works. I’ve had a Blogger account for ages, but preferred to use my own blogging tool… That way I could use my own offline tool to add content to the site. So I tried writing my own, its quite simple, but to build a cool UI that I can use on my PC was going to be a nightmare. Then I found w.blogger, its really cool. Unfortunately it doesn’t use all the newest features of Blogger, but it does pretty much everything it needs to, and it also works on stacks of other blogging tools out there.

So here’s hoping this works!

[Listening to: Unite – The O.C. Supertones – The Supertones Strike Back (03:08)]

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