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Overdue update…

Well, this weekend was hectic.  Friday was spent sorting through boxes of things from Christie’s sisters home.  She had good taste, and its really awesome that Christie could have them.

Saturday started with a Relating Leaders time at NCCB, where Rob Rufus spoke (charlie blogged about it)… Then we popped off to the flat I’d seen advertised on friday, its really cool… but a bit out of the way.  Then there was a quick stop off to collect my keyboard before we dashed off to Ian’s cell’s leaders meeting, which ended with a braai.  Christie and I finally left around 8:30pm, we stopped at Christie’s place and chatted a bit before I went home.

Then I was up at 6:45am to get to church by 7:30 for worship practice. After church we met with the DJ for our wedding, and then ran off to get lunch for our Pre-Marriage counselling session.  After that it was a trip to my storage container to drop off the boxes we’d looked through on friday, and back to the church for another worship practice… after church we went to watch Spy Kids 3D… a nice movie, but really tough on the eyes. (I think they really needed better 3D glasses)

Yesterday, I woke up sick (again)… I guessed it was just stress and lack of exercise, but I went to a doctor anyway and she said exactly what I thought… (next time I’ll save the R130 on the doctors fees and go get a massage instead :))

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