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Firstly, I’ve been meaning to link to Isabella’s blog – called “She’s a flight risk”… cool story, even if its not true…

Speaking of “Bliss”… Daniel Bjørnbakk has some funky XP Bliss backgrounds.

And onto other blissful matters – Mugg & Bean had an ad that said something to the effect of “without caffeine, a place is just not civilised”. But IMHO, until there’s a “Seattle Coffee Co.” or “Starbucks”… caffeine is just not that great.

Today I wandered down to the mall nearby, and found out that the “Seattle Coffee Co.” there has finally opened! Pure bliss… so I’ve now got my “frequent buyer” card, and a travel mug… Which was immediately used for a Grande Vanilla and Cinnamon Caffé Latté, followed by a stroll around the exclusive books next door. My day has been made complete, I can’t wait for my next trip to caffeine heaven. πŸ˜€

Then I wandered around and saw some awesome new restaurants that will be opening… I also found a cool crafts shop with excellent stuff there, perfect for lots of christmas presents.

Then I stopped off at CNA and bought Bump XIII, which is excellent – possibly I’m appreciating it more because I’m buzzing with caffeine… but I’m not complaining. πŸ˜›

Back to work…
[Listening to: Tu Es Foutu 2004 – DJ Costa – Bump 13 (02:48)]

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I would NEVER have figured you for a BUMP cd buyer. EVER. I guess every day is a school day then hey.

Shows how much we haven;t seen each other lately. You and your (soon-to-be) lovely wife must join us for dinner or coffee one of the nights i am in Jhb. Or at least see me off at the airport.



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