Why we love Edgars…

Here is why I love Edgars:

  1. Edgars have Edgars Club.
  2. Edgars Club has various options.  One of which is “Lifestyle”
  3. The “Lifestyle” option has “Legal Assistance”
  4. “Legal Assistance” has given me advice on how to start getting my money out of the guy that owes me cash.

The first thing I need to do is to basically write a letter demanding payment. (Unfortunately my phone died as Tracey (the nice lady from the Legal assistance) was explaining to me what to do after that.)  I’ll try again on Monday to get more info, since 4pm on a Friday is really not the best time to be doing this.  Anyway, the tone that Tracey was using when basically dictating the letter to me was very official and quite intimidating.  So maybe this will help speed things up.

On another side, I gather that other people haven’t been paid by him either which is a bit worrying. Anyway, hopefully this will serve as a lesson to anyone who reads it to make sure that you’re incredibly official with any business you do with “friends of friends”.  Otherwise you might end up in a sticky situation like where I am at the moment.

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