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MS Codenames

If you’re into the MS technologies, you’ll probably have started to notice that Microsoft are starting to push their “next versions” already.  Their codenames are being thrown around in newsgroups, blogs, and development sites: Longhorn (with Inigo, Avalon (including XAML), and the “third pillar of Longhorn” which I can’t remember), Whidbey, Yukon.  I even saw someone mention a team at MS working on features for the OS to come after Longhorn (they mentioned its codename, but I can’t remember it)

Recently a couple of the MS employee blogs have been talking about how some customers are complaining at all this “future talk” and that its not very relevant to problems we’re experiencing now.

Unfortunately for my company, we were starting to build tools that would let us do what many of the “new” MS technologies will do when they’re released.  I say “unfortunately” because now we need to decide if we spend the development effort now, or wait for MS to release the technology in 1-2 years time.  Then we’d still have to wait for the technology to be adopted by our clients, so on the surface it looks like we should just go ahead and build what MS is building.

Coming out of a discussion about how odd it is for there to be code samples coming out for technologies that we don’t yet have access to, and how nice it will be when these technologies come out, we have made up some new names for them:

  • Longhorn = Long yawn (it will be quite a wait till it is released)
  • Yukon = You Can’t (well, not yet, but in 2 years  You can)
  • Whidbey = Would be (as in “It would be nice to have whidbey now, but we don’t”)

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