Volunteer Gopher/Thug wanted

Weddings are not simple things to organise.  Right now mine is sucking up all my free time. (And I’m not even that involved in the organisation)  For the next few weeks my saturdays are pretty much fully booked, and I need to be looking for a place to stay.  Hence the need for a “gopher”, who could run around looking for places for Christie and me.

In the same vein, I could really use a good “thug” to go get some money I’m owed from a guy I did some after hours work for a while ago.  I’m seriously wanting to find out exactly what I’m legally required to do to ensure that he has “read and accepted” the invoice.  Unfortunately as he’s a friend of a friend I didn’t get him to sign the quotes I gave him.  In any case, he’d often call me at odd times to ask me to fix something on one of his websites (e.g. he’d call at 6pm and ask if I could fix a site that evening), so I’d quote him verbally over the phone he’d accept it, I’d do the work and send him a bill over e-mail.  I was waiting for one final job to be complete before I started to ask him to start paying for the previous jobs. 

That job was cancelled in Sept/Nov last year, so I started asking him what he required before he would pay me.  All I had to do was send him an invoice.  So I did (via e-mail).  Then that invoice was not in a format he wanted, so I split it into an invoice per client of his that I’d worked on. (previously I gave him one invoice with all the client’s details together)  That was probably around the begining of November. 

In December he stopped returning my calls, e-mails and SMS’s (in fact his Company’s phone number was redirected to a switched off cellphone number (I got the “The subscriber you have dialed is not available at present.  Please try again later” message that Vodacom/MTN use when a subscriber doesn’t have voicemail setup and their phone is out of reach)).  In January I finally got hold of him and he said that he’d had some “personal problems” and couldn’t handle talking to clients, but he’d pay me at the end of the week.  That didn’t happen.  Then he started ignoring my calls again.  I’m calling him on average about 3 times a day, and calling his office to leave messages about 3 times a day (hoping that the sheer annoyance factor will get him to respond to me).

But today I can tell that he’s now annoyed his staff, in their tone they gave away that they weren’t very happy with him (and in what they said, didn’t say, and asked me not to repeat).  So I’m guessing things are going downhill with his company.  Currently he owes me R4000, which I’m not very keen to lose.  Hence my desire for a thug who could go over there and intimidate him into paying.  Not that I’d want to cause him any harm, but I’d just like him to have some pressure put on him in some way. 

But since I’m not that kind of person, I think I’d rather see what I can do legally.  Anyone got any suggestions?

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Yes, why dont you sabotage his website – something like take his default.htm/asp or index file away untill he pays you?? Doesnt sound like he knows anything about web devellopment anyway.. heh heh heh

Anyway just a suggestion…

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