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A while ago I played around with my own photo gallery, it was kinda cool coz you didn’t have to make the HTML for each page, and it used XML files to describe the images and “sub galleries”, and it basically just required you to dump a whole bunch of images in a folder, and it would do the rest for you.

It was great because William could get a gallery of his photo’s up for prospective clients, but it meant that I had to upload all the files (I only have one user that has FTP access to the site, so I’m not keen on giving its password out to anyone)

Then recently (thanks to someone’s blog – I’ve forgotten who), I found out about nGallery.  Its a free .Net image gallery which can use XML or SQL (or even an access database in the latest version of nGallery) to store image info, it looks really great, and it has an admin section where the gallery owner can upload new images, add new galleries, etc, all without any intervention from me.

So I’m busy testing it out on my pics, check it out and let me know what you feel. (I haven’t fixed the “Email Paul” link at the bottom of the pages, so you’ll have to contact me via this blog)  The gallery is here.

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That’s cool, I saw this gallery earlier, but you hadn’t put any pics in it yet, I noticed that you put like all the pics from Ian’s Party in it 🙂 – Don’t you think that’s a bit much.. hehe.. anyways, I would like to get this gallery tool from you sometime, not now, but when I start taking millions of pictures again, and that will only be when I get my own digital camara… anyways…

Hi Paul, I noticed a small bug in the gallery, if you go into Ian’s Party gallery, and then click on a picture it gives an error because of the apostrophe in "Ian’s", well I think that’s the reason, since if I remove the apostrophe in the address then it is fine.

Hrm… I finally tested it out, and it seems to work fine. I’m not sure what error you got this morning, but I don’t get it if I go there now.

Wanna try again? And let me know if its still not working?

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