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Hey, just a quick post to say I’ve finally got BlogJet working on my PC at work.  Its a REALLY cool tool that will let you post to a blog on probably 95% of the most commonly used blogging tools. Check it out at!

Currently its at version 0.3 Beta, but it seems pretty stable and has been blogged about by a number of the “big” bloggers at  Personally I was using w.Bloggar before but it didn’t work on my work’s connection, but BlogJet does!  (took me a few days to find where I could set it up to use my proxy, but I eventually found it (by reading the instructions on the one form… yup, I was an example of your “regular” everyday user who acts stupid enough to warrant having his PC forcibly removed from him and then be bludgeoned to within an inch of his life for all the frustrated tech support people in the world (can you tell I had to field support calls once before? Its amazing how stupid users can truly be!))) (Yup, I was exhibiting OCD tendancies there… (all my parenthesis were correctly closed))

That’s enough of that, I better get back to work… 🙂

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