So much “stuff”, so little time

I was reading on a stack of blogs today about the various people in the US who have been made MVP’s.  It seems to be quite an honour…  Which got me thinking again about my developer community involvement in SA.  A while ago I was very keen to get involved, but then just trying to keep up with the various forum groups on SADeveloper.Net was taking forever (my network connection at work is dog slow (in fact its worse, dogs would be greatly offended that something this bad would be associated with their good name))…  The community grew to about 1000 people in the space of a few months, and with very little time on my hands to be able to try out the various code problems that people were having, I was not really able to give much input.  Combined with a few other facts, like the time it took to read just 10 posts was seriously hampering my work productivity, and that I have such a busy schedule during the week that I have pretty much no time for anything computer related after work.  (Unless I was to do it into the wee hours of the morning)

Since then, not much has changed… well actually a lot has changed… but nothing that would free up more time for me to be able to get more involved in the SA Developer community… In the last 6 months I’ve been singing in the choir at church, doing “backing vocals” for one of the worship teams, moving houses, getting engaged (followed by planning a wedding) which kinda brings be to where I am now… Currently I’m still planning a wedding (its happening on the 13th of March), so I’m looking for a place for us to stay, organising a honeymoon, fighting with a client of mine to pay me (so we can have a nice honeymoon), working, singing, etc.  On the 3rd of February I’m going to be leading a “homecell”/bible study which will also be taking up time…

And slowly I’ve started to realise that “Time Management” sucks!  Its not that I can’t manage time mind you, because I’m perfect (as you all know) – its just that this whole misguided attempt at expecting that the things we want to do must fit within a finite amout of time, like say for example 24 hours.  Who says that I can’t read three books, write two articles, answer 50 queries on various forums, spend time with my fiancé, sing in a choir, go to work, have food, go to gym, and sleep in 24 hours while giving my complete attention to each activity?  Unfortunately, I think I must admit defeat and join the ranks of the “unenlightened” in believing that doing things takes time, and that there is finite time available in each day in which to do them.

So now I’m doing something that’s also kind of “weird”… you see at the start of the year most people make decisions to cut out various “bad” things in their lives, and to take up various “good” activities instead… but this year I’m looking at what “good” things I can cut out of my life so that I can be better at what is left.  This throws up a whole bunch of interesting questions like “what is good?”, “how do you know you’ll be able to do better at what is left?”, “Who are you kidding? Are you really trying to say that you have nothing bad in your life?”, etc.

Well… I can answer some of them:

  1. “What is good?”
    By “good”, I’m meaning things that are beneficial and will help me get to my “end goal”. (I’m still deciding exactly what the end goal is)  For example – I know I won’t get to my end goal without my wife to be, so I cut things out of my life that interfere with spending time with her.  Those are the kinds of decisions I’ll be making…
  2. “how do you know you’ll be able to do better at what is left?”
    Well, I’m not 100% sure of it, but it kinda makes logical sense… If I have 5 minutes a day to practice music now, and after removing various superfluous bits from my life I have 30 minutes a day to practice music, I have a greater chance of improving my musical skills. (and I’ve had an extra 25 minutes a day of relaxation, which is great!)  Its this kind of effect that I’ll be looking for…
  3. “Who are you kidding? Are you really trying to say that you have nothing bad in your life?”
    Not at all, I have plenty of bad things that I need to remove too, its just that I don’t think its that commonly spoken about for someone to be choosing between which “good” thing to give up, as a “new year’s resolution”… You’re normally taking the “lesser of two weavils” (to quote from the “Master and Commander: The far side of the world“)

I think I’ll “cheat” on a number of points… I’ll do a “trial and error” test… I’ll drop things “for a while” and evaluate what impact it has on my life, especially since I’m begining a whole bunch of new things (like moving closer to my social group, getting married, leading a home group, and having less of my time required by being involved in worship at church (they’re organising the practices a bit better this year so I should only be practicing twice a month, as opposed to 4 times a month last year)) which will have both positive and negative impacts on my time and will certainly change my outlook on life.

I better dash, its 00:36 right now and I should have been asleep ages ago! (there goes that “wonderful” time management of mine again :))

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Hmm… let me add my comments:

First of all let me start off by saying that there is just too much you can do… I mean I remember being at home when I was like 5 and constantly saying "Mom, I’m bored" and haveing all the time in the world to be inventive and make up stories of how aliens have invaded the planet and we have to select a special weapon from the "TOY BOX" to defend ourselves… we would then rely on my brother to tell us about this threat and make sure we understood all the rules. Fun!

And even through school I found I also had plenty of time to do things, I mean homework could always be regarded as a "BAD THING" so it was put aside, and I didn’t really put too much importance on being a team player and stand in the sun all day while I wait for my chance to hit a ball with a stick… and when that chance cam I always seem to find that stick a little too thin and the stupid ball preffered hitting the 3 stationary sticks behind me… and so my interests moved to computers which in themselves are a world of "THINGS TO DO".

So as soon as you leave school, and finish your studies or whatever, you begin working, and guess what you find out: You spend, roughly, 8 Hours sleeping, 8 Hours working, and 1 Hour Driving each day… actually, most people only have the evenings in their lives to do anything, like from 6 until 11, if you lucky. I really think we can’t do without sleep, so my answer to this problem is that we need to have less working hours, I mean I think everyone should work on a commision type scheme, and those who want lots of money and want to get high positions or something can work as much as they want, and those who want to live a better life can just work enough to make a living, problem is the amount of work you have to do just to live… that’s a problem about living in a big city I guess. Anyway, I’m no really wasting time… so I’m stopping… hehe

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