Technicalities, Legalities and Stupidities

I just read Tim Marman’s blog entry about a poor kid called “Mike Rowe”, who registered ““… now he’s being sued by Microsoft for copyright infringement! [more info] Look, you probably find that the kid registered the name with a kinda “tongue in cheek” motive, but really – to sue him for it? I mean, just know I’ll be sued by some other guy called “Paul Sainsbury” for Identity Theft!

How would you prove yourself innocent of that… Imagine… one day the police rock up at your door to say “Mr Paul Sainsbury, you’re under arrest for identity theft”, and you’re like “Who’s identity did I steal?”, and they’re like “Mr Paul Sainsbury’s”, and you’re like “But that’s me”, and they’re like… “You’re not fooling us Mr Sainsbury”. How could you prove that all your documents aren’t fake?

If you are wondering how people could fake these documents, just check out the show “The Agency” (Monday evenings at 7:30pm on SABC 3 for those of you in South Africa)… they have a really cool lady there who basically fakes documents, etc all the time using simple grafic design skills, a PC, a scanner, some program (like photoshop), and a laminator. (plus a few other goodies, but since I’m not into the “fake id” business, I wouldn’t really know what they are… but then I guess I’d have to say that if I was in “the business” so I could not draw suspicion to myself, so you really have no way of knowing if its true or not – but this sentence is getting too long so I’ll stop writing about it)

I guess that “Mike Rowe Soft” case is kinda like those supposed “Stella Awards” that get handed out for the most “outrageous” law suites in the states… like the lady who got sued because a guy who broke into his house slipped on her kitchen floor and broke his arm (or somthing like that)… That’s gotta be an “urban legend”, but I’ve not checked it out on

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Very Funny! 🙂 – I have done a search on google for my name a couple of times, to see if I would be ranked anywhere in google, but I get too many results around 16 000 results, and even if I try exclude a few popular finds like "The Prince of Wales (Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten …" I still get left with thousands of people claiming to be the real me… hehe, you know what, I think maybe I should just admit that my name is not really "Charles Philip" but a member of a secret mob, that I have no connection with… hmmm… LOL, ok I’m stopping now before I say something really stupid. I wonder if someone who is searching for the real "Charles Philip" will link to this blog… hmm, intereseting thought. My full name is: "Charles John Fairbairn Philip" I like to find someone with the same second and third name… hehe.

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