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Server Farm: “64bits good 32bits baaaaaad”

It seems that not all processors are equal, but at least the other 1/2 of the Animal Farm slogan holds true – “but some are more equal than others.”

I just read a post by Matt Davey about the MSN Messenger Server Farm where he quotes from Paul’s WinHEC 2005 blog:

The MSN Messenger server farm handles over 70 million concurrent sessions every single day. Until recently, they were using 250 32-bit servers to manage that load. When they switched to Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition running on x64 hardware, they reduced the size of the farm to just 25 servers”

250 32bit processor servers ==> 25 64bit processor servers.  Of course they don’t say much about the specs of the servers so its not a very functional comparisson – but its still a cool statistic.

For those who didn’t get the Animal Farm references – its a book about a farm where the animals revolt and take over the farm.  They have some key rules, number one being “All animals are equal”… At some point the pigs(I think it was the pigs) start becoming dictators and running the show and they modify the slogan over night to “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.  The reference in the subject is from when they take over and the sheep chant “Four legs good, two legs baaaaaaaaad”.

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