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Cool sites…

I can’t remember which blogs I got these off, but there are some cool photo’s of Abandoned Places and I saw a link to an old favourite

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Stupid Joke

I heard a corny joke last night which I found really funny, and yet I empathise with it quite well…

The guy was talking about his problem remembering acronyms, and ended up saying that he’d found a support group to help him… P.A.M. – People who Misspell Ackronyms.  Sometimes I think developers need to join that group… second thing we do or make is a TLA.

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MSN 7 released and Bill Nye is back…

I read via Scoble that MSN Messenger 7.0 is now out, and MSN Spaces is aparently official too… MSN 7 is kinda cool, and I’m begining to wonder if I should start using Spaces a bit more…

And in the coolest news so far today, Bill Nye is coming back, check out his new website Eyes of Nye.  Now I just have to wait for one of our little stations to bring the series over here.

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VS 2005 Beta 2 on 25th April

I just read about the “Beta Experience” for VS 2005 from Fabrice Marguerie’s blog:

What can you expect from the Beta Experience?

  • Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2
  • Team Foundation Server Beta 2
  • WeFly247 training DVD
  • SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition Community Technology Preview
  • The Beta Experience newsletter (6-weekly, terminated with the launch of the final version of Visual Studio 2005)

Now that looks cool, and you can register to be notified on the day that the beta experience goes live. πŸ™‚


Some ads…

2 quick ads:

1. My company is looking for 2 developers to join us in the R&D team.  I’m not sure on the exact qualifications or salary range, but its a great place to work. πŸ˜‰ (Its the only company I’ve ever worked for where old employees come back after a year or so)  You’ll need to know a fair amount of .Net and related technolgies. (My 2nd interview with them was a written test which included questions on “Theory” , SQL, Database design, OO Design, writing pseudo code solutions, and some tests to see how wide my areas of expertise ranged.)  I’ll post something on when I know more about the exact requirements.

2. I’m selling my XBox.  I bought it 4 months ago, and I’ve hardly played it.  It just sits there and looks at me every time I sit in front of the TV (which is not very often).  I got it in France (its totally english), it has 2 controllers, a DVD Remote kit, a demo disk, and 2 Games (MetalGear Solid 2, and Crash Twinsanity).

And now we return to the normal programming….