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2 quick ads:

1. My company is looking for 2 developers to join us in the R&D team.  I’m not sure on the exact qualifications or salary range, but its a great place to work. 😉 (Its the only company I’ve ever worked for where old employees come back after a year or so)  You’ll need to know a fair amount of .Net and related technolgies. (My 2nd interview with them was a written test which included questions on “Theory” , SQL, Database design, OO Design, writing pseudo code solutions, and some tests to see how wide my areas of expertise ranged.)  I’ll post something on when I know more about the exact requirements.

2. I’m selling my XBox.  I bought it 4 months ago, and I’ve hardly played it.  It just sits there and looks at me every time I sit in front of the TV (which is not very often).  I got it in France (its totally english), it has 2 controllers, a DVD Remote kit, a demo disk, and 2 Games (MetalGear Solid 2, and Crash Twinsanity).

And now we return to the normal programming….

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