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I got an e-mail from #Develop this morning that said the following:

To whet your appetite for the upcoming Beta of #develop 1.1, we have created a Preview Release (not quite unintentionally abbreviated to PR). It is not as stable and feature-complete to label it a Beta, but it comes loaded with a couple of new addins that definitely make it worth a look (or two). In that vein, we have provided screen recordings of how to use those new features, please see the links provided.

Demo: New Help System
Demo: XML Editing Features of #develop 1.1
Demo: NAnt Integration
Demo: PInvoke Addin
Demo: #report
New and noteable: InitializeComponents method readonly

I took a look at the #report demo, and it looks quite cool.  They’ve done a lot of work on #develop since the last time I took a good look at it, and its actually quite a cool system.

PS: I’m pretty sure that .Text will mess up the formatting of my blog when I post this because for some reason Blockquote’s always seem to do that, and I always seem to forget how I fixed it the last time I had problems with block quotes…

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