Life/Wedding Update

Ok, so its 16 days to go before I get married… and boy is there a lot happening.

Generally I only have weekends to do stuff on, and I have a lot to do.  Like moving house (this weekend), booking a tux/suite to rent for the wedding, buying a bed (as wonderful as mine is, it will be a little crowded after the 13th of March :)), sorting out our marriage contract, as well as all the little things I’ll need to do to stock up and prepare the townhouse.

Unfortunately, every weekend from here till the 13th is full.  This weekend is the move, next Saturday morning we’ll be at Cell Leaders training (until after shops are closed), and then its the wedding.  Next week is kinda ok, I’m only busy on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.  The following week I’m busy from Monday evening through to Friday evening.

So I guess I’m gonna have to take time off work to get some of the things done. Fortunately the nice lawyer person we’re using for the marriage contract is prepared to see us after hours(for a small fee).

Moving is going to be interesting, there are 4 people in my homecell who are moving on that weekend.  Linda’s basically already moved everything there, Mitch has arranged someone to transport his stuff, and Matt and I are going to help eachother (with the help of some friends, we hope)…  So if you’re doing nothing on Saturday and you feel like lending a hand with carrying stuff, just let me know.  We’re planning to have a braai/supper afterwards with all the helpers.

On Sunday we’re having our final pre-marriage counselling session… its a really bad date for it coz I will probably still be moving stuff from my old home to my new one.  But I can’t wait to move!  Not that staying with Sean and Francois has been bad, but it will be great to be living near where all our social stuff happens, and closer to Christie. 

I think the two weeks of living by myself will be good for me. (Not that I’ll have much time by myself, mind you, I’ll be at work during the days, and busy almost every evening.  But its the thought that counts. 🙂

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