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Final blog for the day

Phew, today was a busy one for this blog – I set it up, blogged a bit, and transferred my old entries from the blog that was maintained by Blogger. ūüôā I think I like having a SQL server behind my blog, its certainly more efficient than using files to store everything (or an external source like Blogger)

Anyway, after reading Rory’s blog today about Google searches which end up at his site I thought I’d check my own logs and see if I had any interesting visitors…

I had some interesting browser definitions, like:



   UltraLiberalFeedParser/2.7 (referred from


And then theres one from which was giving me a few hits a second, 24 hrs a day for a while, but its slowed down to about 2 every few minutes now. Aparently someone has asked them to monitor my site, its a bit annoying coz it throws my stats and fills my log files which I have to download before I can process the stats. I’ve asked them to stop the monitoring (they claim that they will do that if someone is monitoring your site without your concent.) but so far its not working.

Anyway, I probably should have been asleep a few hours ago.


[Listening to: Always Comes Around – Seven Day Jesus – Seven Day Jesus (03:59)]

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