C# Drum machine

For those of you who like making music on a PC but struggle with getting a cool beat, drum machines are excellent tools.  For those who want to build a drum machine in C#, this article is an excellent tool. (it gives you the code and the drum machine executable, but requires DirectX 9, and the .Net Framework) I read about it in Duncan Mackenzie‘s blog.

2 thoughts on “C# Drum machine

  1. Yup, its right… I just did a "right click | Open in New window", and it worked fine… Most of MS’s site is XML driven. That way they can XSLT it into many different funky formats. And I guess it’s made easier because SQL 2000 can output the results of select statements as XML… (And Yukon will do even more)

    Anyway, it works ok for me… If anyone else reads this, did you have a problem with the link?

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