How urban legends are born…

Read this blog… The person wrote an april fools article when they were “in college”, and included a doctored image of a guy standing in front of an old (1955) PC… this image was then recently picked up via someone browsing, and used on a computer museum website.  Little did the museum site’s creators know that they were showing the world the doctored version of the image.  They just assumed that because the caption under the image said it was the Illiac, it was a valid image of it.

I wonder how many other people are lead to believe false information just because “I saw it on the web”… Oh… never mind.  I just thought about those tonnes of stupid “mail this to 5 friends and some association will donate $0.05 to help save some poor kid dying in a hospital”, or “mail this to 5 people and Microsoft/Nokia/CocaCola/etc will give you a free gift”, or any of the other hoax e-mails (or virus alerts) that get sent around.

Check out (hope I got that address right) for other urban legends/hoaxes, and for virus hoaxes check out McAffee’s site. 🙂

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