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Code access security…

Jim Blizzard makes some interesting comments about code access security in .Net relating it to the “superbowl half time event ‘scandal'” where Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson did a duet, but part way through the event Janet’s top “malfunctioned” (i.e. thats aparently how she described it… but in every day terms her top “fell” off)

Anyway, Jim was making a comment on how in life when people want to do something wrong, they’re not going to ask permission before they do it.  In the same way, in computers a malicious program isn’t going to ask you if it can please erase your entire hard drive before it does it.  But with the .Net framework’s code access security, the programs are only allowed to do what they’re explicitly given permissions to do.  So you don’t have to worry (unless you give all code full trust on your machine)

Check out his blog entry “Breasts and code access security…” for more info.

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