Of joyfull installations, and time wasted

Yesterday I wasted time at work trying to install a product.  I installed over the old version (took about 40 minutes), but then found conflicts, so I uninstalled both versions (about 30 minutes each), then I re-installed the new version (40 minutes again).  Only, I then realised that it had left a whole bunch of files behind in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache – for the non .Net people), and in the “Program FilesCommon Files” folder… which proceeded to cause more hassles… so I uninstalled the new version again (another 30 minutes), and manually removed everything that was left (45 mins – the GAC can be a very unfriendly beast at times), and re-installed the new version (yet another 40 minutes)

Now contrast that with the install of DotNetNuke.  You simply copy the files into your web folder, point it to your database, and start using it.  It picks up for itself that you’ve not installed it before, and does all that it needs to do without asking you anything. (including setting up the database)  So a copy, a text change, and an e-mail later it was up and working.  Now I just need to make the portal look nice, find the .Text module for it, and a nice image gallery module, and I’ll be ready to have my entire site managed by it. (Including a secure section where people from my home cell could go to get the latest cell contact list)  I’ll even be able to put up an event’s calendar for cell, and one for my personal stuff. And lots more… 🙂

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