Life, Connectedness, and Friends

I was just MSN’ed by an old friend who’s in the UK working and needed a hand with a SQL query.  Isn’t technology wonderful?  Who would have thought that I’d be problem solving, real time, across timezones and continents.

Anyway I managed to help him with his query (more about that later), and then we got to talking about marriage and how there’s a lot of our friends who are getting married now.  When out of the blue he came out with one of his usual wise thoughts on life, and here it is (scuze the format/spelling, but I lifted it straight out of the MSN conversation… it came split over a few messages so I put it together in “paragraphs” as I thought it should go):

in my opinion there’s tone of things that can corrupt and degrade a person in his adult life.  but for me… one of the few things / events that can truly change a person for the better…. is marriage.

it’s maybe the only comittment still, that gives u the platform to become what u never dreamed of.  i dunno why, but society sees marriage as the ‘end’

for me.. it’s just the groundwork …. one can really, honestly, tranform him/her self in marriage i reckon. there’s such union and support… and growth.  it’s almost impossible to stagnate….

how the world sees it the other way i don’t understand….

Wow… That’s Dharmesh for you… In the middle of a regular conversation, he drops in a few sentences you don’t want to forget. (and thanks to MSN :), I could save the conversation)

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