Living on purpose

A long time ago I went on a course called “Living on Purpose and not by mistake” which was run by some guy who’s name I now forget.  I know he’s a good buddy of Dr. David Molapo (who, amongst other things, is an excellent motivational speaker).  Anyway one of the excercises we did was to draw a picture of our future, what we’d dream it could be.  Then, a while ago, I posted something similar… basically, if I had no worries, and could spend the rest of my life living in luxury, being served whatever I wanted/needed, what would I do?  I’d probably start off just relaxing for a long while, but once that was over, what would I do?  The blog was entitled “What did I learn today?

Today, I read a blog by Eduard Penzhorn entitled “Low employee moral hitting IT industry“, where one of his commenters (Kevin T) referred to Ruari‘s article about Champions.  Its a really good article, and deserves some mention… So if you’re wondering what to do with your life or wondering how you ever got to where you are because there’s just no passion in it anymore… take a quick look there, its got some good points and its well written. 🙂

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