Hrm, I got an e-mail from a recruiter today… Pitty it wasn’t Gretchen or Zoë from the JobsBlog over at Microsoft – coz I’d not only like to meet them, but I’d love to work at MS too ;-). But the lady seemed quite nice and I’m fairly impressed that she found my contact details since they’re not listed on any of the local recruitment sites at the moment, so maybe she’s also a “net age recruiter” like Gretchen and Zoë… (If you’re wondering what I’m on about, read their blog – I did and saw a VERY different approach to recruitment. One that I really like)

Anyway, back to the point of the post… I’m fairly thankful to Gretchen and Zoë for some of their advice because it let me respond nicely to the recruiter as opposed to the “Who are you? Where did you get my e-mail from? And please don’t bother me again because I’m happy where I am” type of e-mail I might otherwise have sent.

So if you are (or anyone you of know is) looking for a short term contract doing C# based web development in Sandton for what sounds like a reputable company (I don’t know their name but they’re a Microsoft Gold Partner) let me know, and I’ll put you in touch with the lady recruiting for the job.

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Yep, unconventional recruiting seems to be popular. In response, I’m doing my best to be creative in my job search approach to get som good attention for my resume….

Okay, Here’s my absolutely shameless plea for some good resume attention. Trying to get the attention of Microsoft. Is it working? 🙂

Seems like I read about all kinds of exciting projects and have even gotten to come in and test a few. I’d love to come work where I love to play.

Thanks for any suggestions or consideration!

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