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Why .Net Rocks!

(And no, I’m not talking about the radio show with Carl and Rory – and for those who don’t know what radio show, its called “.Net rocks“)

For the last week or so I’ve been delving into C++ code… with some great joy (like having to read “Writing Secure Code (2nd Ed)“) and many many many trials.

If you’re still using C++, change to C# (assuming you have a choice to move).  I’d swap in a heartbeat based simply on the amount of “plumbing” work it would save me, but then I don’t have a choice here – I’m writing code to make some Extended stored procedures.

But seriously, remembering all the new’ed variables you’ve made so that you can delete them, and checking your arrays and pointers, and handles, and all that work to do simple operations like joining two strings, or using collections, or doing file IO, or doing pretty much anything becomes a nightmare when compared to the simplicity of C#.  That being said, there’s something geekishly cool about programming in C++ – maybe its the “thrill” of handling such an unwieldy weapon of mass destruction and actually managing to hit the pinprick of a target you’re aiming at without blowing off your own foot in the process.

But regardless of the geek thrill factor involved I’ll be happy when this part of our project is over and I can move back to C#… 🙂

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Well, can’t quite say I have experienced the geekish rush of creating something that’s functional in C++, but I did get this one C++ app to compile which was quite fun (in a weird sort of way) – But regarding C# – I can totally aggree to say the C# Rocks!

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