Why not to mess with nerds…. (aka Rory vs the Liars!)

I just read Rory’s blog entitled “Rory vs. the Liars” and I can’t agree more.  The gist of the story is this: He went to fetch his car from the garage after being fixed after someone crashed into him.  The bumper wasn’t put back properly and the garage guy claimed it was how the car was made.  So in true geek form he used is Audiovox SMT5600 (aka iMate SP3) and googled images of the car to show the guy.  But not being satisfied with that he whipped out his laptop, found a WiFi network that was unsecured, “semi-hacked” his way onto the network and gave the garage guy nice big images of the way the car should be.  Needless to say the garage guy gave up and fixed it properly.

My summary is not 1/2 as funny and entertaining as Rory’s post, so go there and read it… and if you don’t subscribe to his feed already, do so!  It’s good! 🙂

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