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Ok, so I’m a bit of a geek but I’ve had *GREAT* frustrations since PayPal stopped accepting SA payments some time in 2001.  I used them in 2000 and when it came to 2001, it just stopped working. (No warning’s were sent which just annoyed me even more)  But since then I’ve come across SO many sites that use it, and most of them just assume that PayPal works worldwide.  I’ve managed to educate a few of them that PayPal actually didn’t like SA and they’ve worked around it by using the Amazon Honour System.  But there’s been stacks of things I’ve wanted to donate to or buy but I can’t because the site only uses PayPal and PayPal doesn’t do SA. (Aparently one of their founders was from SA)

Anyway, today I almost shouted for joy when I read Jo’Blog‘s entry entitled “Great news for shoppers” which linked to an announcement by PayPal that PayPal now accepts payments from South Africa!

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