GMail POP3 access

After my issues with my pc yesterday… still not sure how the inbox returned.  I had actually looked at the inbox files that Thunderbird uses and there was no sign of any of my e-mails in any of them yesterday.  So there’s no way that Symmantec’s antivirus program could have detected any virus in them today and hence tried to quarantine it… and its even more impossible that it could have somehow quarantined the OLD version of the inbox.  But anyway enough of that trauma.

Aubrey suggested in a comment to the blog that I should just use GMail for my spam filtering…  Its a cool idea, so I tried it out.  But there’s one problem.  On my work PC I have it setup so that it downloads the mail but doesn’t delete it, and then at home my PC downloads the mail and only deletes mails that are more than than 7 days old.  That way I’ll always have all my e-mails at both my work and my home.  The problem is this… GMail seems to  delete the mails as soon as you’ve downloaded them – well, it can keep a copy in your GMail account (or it can archive them or trash them).  But even though I have my GMail account setup to keep it in my inbox and my Thunderbird is setup to leave the mails on the server the messages still disappear from the gmail POP3 server.  So its a “read once” type system, which doesn’t work so well for me.  The one cool thing is that GMail really filters spam well.

So until I find a better solution, I have my e-mail accounts keeping one copy and forwarding another copy to a GMail account.  At work I collect mail directly from my mail server, and at home I collect the mail from GMail… At least this way I will have a permanent history of all my mails (on my GMail account), I’ll get my mails both at home and work and I’ll no longer be downloading the spam at both work and home (GMail will remove the spam before I download it at home).

I’ll keep trying to see if I can make GMail keep a copy on the POP3 side until my mail app asks it to remove it, and I’ll update this if I find any solutions.

Oh… I almost forgot to say that the POP3 access to GMail is pretty fast – I’ve had slower downloads off local mail servers.  So that’s pretty cool too.

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