“WBS[/iBurst] cuts off mail users”

After my blog about this previously I was a bit peeved at WBS’s lack of response.  I assumed it would have some negative consequences that I wasn’t aware of, and I guessed at some of them.  One of which was that their mail server would die (which it did for a while on monday), anther was that SenderID/SPF based spam detection would be kinda messed up by this sudden change on their behalf, and the final thought was that it was definately not a standard solution by ISP’s.

Today I read an article on IT Web entitled “WBS cuts off mail users” which basically confirmed all three of my concerns.  I really like the iBurst service, but I’m also getting more and more annoyed with how WBS is treating its customers.  From what the IT Web article hints at, I could have legal grounds to cancel my contract with them because they’re no longer providing the service I signed up for because they’re blocking ports (and causing my mail to be more likely to be classified as spam).

I’ve written a slightly frustrated e-mail to FusionReactor who sold me my iBurst modem and connection, and I’ll write an updated blog when I hear any more news.  I’d hate to leave WBS/iBurst but I’m very unhappy with the way things seem to be going.  I think if WBS just had some slightly more clued up technical guys they would be able to implement the same solution that all the other ISP’s in SA (and I’m guessing worldwide) have implemented to resolve the problems of having critical IP’s blacklisted by anti-spam organisations.

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