I’m back…

After a while of having
hassles with IMHO not talking to my blog and then IMHO not liking my new
company’s proxy, I finally have it all up and working again.  So hopefully
this is the start of some more regular posts.

For those who noticed, I did say “new company”.  I
moved companies in the begining of October… I’m no longer based in Centurion,
I’m now based in Morningside and I’m loving it.  Far less traffic, far
easier to get to SA Dev meetings, and so many more cool things.  More posts
should soon be following…

One reply on “I’m back…”

And I thought my RSSBandit was mixing up posts again, then I saw you did actually blog again 🙂

Download the IMHO source, I don’t think the proxy code is complete for all adapters so it might not be the proxy’s fault.

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