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I got to my PC this morning to find an e-mail in my
mailbox from ABSA entitled “ABSA Internet Access ADSL”.  Its basically an
e-mail about a new ADSL service you can get from them.  Now while I don’t
mind people sending me information about new products if I ask them to and in
some cases if the only reason I got the e-mail was because I was an existing

But in this case I’m not an ABSA client, in fact I think the last account I
had at ABSA was closed around 6 years ago, and I only got my current e-mail
address about 3 years ago.   So basically ABSA have bought my e-mail
address from somewhere and have spammed me.  To make matters worse there is
no way for me to remove myself from the list, so I have no way to request to be
unsubscribed from their spam mailings in the future.

So all that I can do is to e-mail them, their customer support, their ISP,
and anyone else who I think might be listening and ask them to sort it
out.  Fortunately there is a great for letter you can get over here that is
aimed at South African spammers, and has actually helped me out a few

In one case I was subscribed to a mailing list and any unsubscribe
requests were just not processed. I even called the people concerned and
they promised to unsubscribe me.  To make things worse their e-mails were
between 2 and 9mb each week (they were sending word documents with embedded
images).  I had gone for about 3 months requesting via phone calls and
e-mails and finally after e-mailing that form letter to the abuse contacts
at their ISP it was sorted out within a few hours.  Its amazing how quickly
people respond when you tell people that they may already have transgressed the
law and be opening themselves up to legal problems.

Anyway if you needed an excuse to dislike ABSA here it is. 
Unfortuantely I don’t think that any bank is without problems, but at least “my
bank” is not a spammer.  (Which brings up a whole other topic… I
really dislike the “My Bank is My Bank” adverts, but I loved the Cell C ripoff
that went something like “My phone is a small red squirrel called nigel” )

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