More Ubuntu – Virtual PC’s

I’ve been playing with Ubuntu for a while. Besides a few oddities on my laptop, it has worked almost perfectly.  It works quite well, since I’m not an uber gamer, there’s not much that I can’t do via a Virtual PC.  I originally thought I’d use VMWare.  I’ve always heard about them and their products and so they were my first call.

The only problem is that finding support for their product was kinda tough.  I had a problem where my USB devices would just not get detected by the virtual pc and if they did they would not work correctly.  I found a number of articles talking about how to fix the problems but none of the solutions worked.

Eventually I stumbled upon VirtualBox which just seems to work so well.  I had some brief difficulties with USB, but VERY quickly found solutions on their forums.  I’ve had to do lots of forum searching since starting out with Ubuntu, and its getting a little tiering.  But its damned fast, and I kinda like the fact that I sometimes have to get involved just under the surface of the Operating System to get it working.

With Windows its semi-easy to do everything, but there are downsides… A fresh Windows XP SP 2 installation takes a LOT of updates and its pretty slow at getting them… My Ubuntu install did a few updates, and they were damned fast.  It seems that ubuntu has update servers in various countries around the world, and one of them just so happens to be South Africa.  Not sure why Microsoft doesn’t do that, but ubuntu’s updates certainly do download WAAAAY faster than my microsoft updates, and there’s a damn side less reboots involved.

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