Overview of Open Market

Open Market is SUPER easy to use.  Start the app, pick a category, view details on an app, read comments, rate it, and download the app.  A few clicks and it’s all done.  The screenshots below are just a quick overview of how it looks

Splash Screen Store List Application Details
SpashScreen Stores - Page 1 FBook - Page 1
Terms & Conditions / Download Rating an App Reporting an App
FBook - TandC Rate and Comment Report

It’s really that simple.  But what Apps can you get?  Well, here’s a few samples:

Facebook (Communication)

FBook - Web App This app is apparently a wrapper for the Facebook iPhone site with a few tweaks.  Tabs across the top give you access to most of the common features, upload pics, check your messages, set statuses, comment on wall posts, etc.  Pretty slick, although the “Chat” tab seemed to not work so well for me.  It also has the ability to post notifications to you using the android notification bar.  So if you get a new Facebook message, you’ll get a notification and can read it right away.

Twitter – via Twitli (Communication)

Twitli Of the twitter apps in the Open Market this is one of the best.  Unfortunately Twidroid (one of the better known twitter apps for Android) is not prepared to make their app available to people who don’t have the Android Market, but Twitli is a pretty great client.  It certainly beats the client I had on my old Windows Mobile phone. Very easy to read tweets, reply, post your tweets. Even lets you take a picture and upload it.  Small, simple, and functional.

Barcode Scanner (User Contributions – Applications)

barcodescanner This is basically just Google’s ZXing application.  It’s a GREAT barcode scanner, can do all sorts of barcodes and interprets them.  This is often used by other applications to scan barcodes for them, and if you look at a lot of android app sites, you’ll see that they often put a link and a barcode next to each product so that you can quickly scan the barcode instead of having to type in a really long url to get to the app from your phone.  Currently not the flashiest application on the market, but it has some nice uses.

AndExplorer (Productivity)

For the Geek in you, there’s a file explorer – lets you copy, move, delete, edit, open, etc files on the device.

Notepad (Productivity)

A very simple notepad for keeping any quick notes you need to write down.  Its a really simple UI, but then there’s not too much required when you’re taking notes.

Shopping List (Productivity)

Shopping ListA pretty simple shopping list app. Really quick to add items to a list and mark them as purchased. Not filled with major functionality, but the font’s and buttons are easy to use one handed while pushing a shopping cart and looking for the best deal on Organic Soaps.  For a scatterbrain like myself this is a super useful application.

Quickpedia (Reference)

Quickpedia This is a pretty nifty wrapper around Wikipedia.  If you’re not keen on loading up the browser then this might be the best app for you.  It’s “News” tab is a neat view of current news.  The “Nearby” tab is especially interesting, giving you a list of articles about things that are in your current location.  I imagine this could be particularly useful if you’re travelling overseas (or even locally) and want to find out more about a tourist attraction or historical site.

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