Thoughts after an absence

I have not posted to my blog in a very long time, mostly due to being “too busy” and a lot initially due to just not coping well with too much to do and too little focus on things that should be important to me.

I have had an interesting past few months reading and learning about types of motivation, how we get to be “happy”, various articles on “culture” in business and even a book or two on topics that interest me.

More recently I did the “Gallup Strengths Finder” and was fairly surprised at the results. The assessment you do there ranks your 34 strengths (either just the top 5 for $10, or all 34 for $89) and gives some background on what “typical” people with each of those strengths might do and how they can focus/manage the good and bad aspects of them.

One of the things that I really enjoyed was that just looking at the top 5 gave me a focus on the key drivers in what would “refuel” me vs what would “drain” me. It ties in to what I was taught when dealing with anxiety – that I needed to ensure that I am achieving growth in all aspects of my well being, which meant not forgetting any part of my person.

The subtle difference with the strengths assessment is that it shows where I am likely to be more naturally “talented”. My top 5 items were Learner (love to learn), Ideation (connecting disparate information to solve problems), Achiever (needs to achieve goals/targets), Intellection (you like to think), Analytical (need to understand why things work the way they work).

They place each of the various strengths in one of 4 categories: executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking.

4/5 of my strengths are in Strategic Thinking, with one in Execution… Leaving 0 in Influencing and Relationship Building. That’s a lot of thinking and not necessarily a lot of EQ. I suspect my EQ side is covered by items 6 through 34 though.

A week or two ago, I was reading through some unpublished posts on my blog (why I was reading them is another story – of virtualization and open source blogging platforms) and I noticed how the things I said have been repeated in my life and in others’. At the time, I thought the posts were fairly “plain” and not worth much but now I can see that I was not alone in my “confusion and struggling” with the ideas and problems I was writing about, so I didn’t ever publish them.

Now, with hindsight, I can see how they might have been useful and how they may have helped me convey my ideas to others better than I did at that time (somehow my ramblings in a blog post seemed more clear than my ramblings in email or other forms of communication). Which brings me to the point of the post, which is: I think that even if my posts are rambling and I am never sure if they will ever serve a purpose, I should still write and post something because it helps me clarify my thinking and hopefully someone one day may find it useful.

Hopefully this will mean the start of more frequent blogging, if not… Apparently I have let myself down… But let’s hope that I don’t, and that you may be subjected to many years of rambling to come.

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