Today I learned … about body temperature and sleep

A good friend showed me this site for Freeletics which is basically a bodyweight based exercise system that seems pretty much like “Bodyweight only CrossFit”… without the rabbid CrossFanatics. I’ve been reading around a little because I kinda like the idea of their workouts, and today I came across a blog post on the site: Training and a better sleep

There was on part that struck me as “new” information:

Your body temperature increases during your workout and it stays higher for up to four hours. Afterwards however, it will drop to lower levels than if you had not exercised – and this decrease signals your body that it is time for sleep!

I know that your heart rate goes up, and stays up for a while or your metabolism is increased (I can’t remember the details), but I’ve never heard of the temperature change and a sleep trigger. So off I go googling and I find many articles like this:

  • “A drop in body temperature near bedtime triggers the subjective sense that is’s time to go to sleep. Responding promptly to this internal signal may help you fall asleep faster and sleep more restfully, according to a report in the current issue of the journal Sleep.” – TROUBLE SLEEPING? CHILL OUT
  • “Researchers have shown, for example, that insomniacs tend to have a warmer core body temperature than normal sleepers just before bed, which leads to heightened arousal and a struggle to fall asleep.” – Do Cold Temperatures Improve Sleep?

The one bit of advice I found in my quick googling (that I notice I don’t ever seem to follow) was to head to sleep as soon as you start sensing that need to sleep.   Good to know. 🙂

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