Post from Ubuntu

Ok, so I found out that my old monitor had somehow fried the nicer of the two graphics cards I have for my Ubuntu PC.  I installed a new card and found that my X11/Gnome/xserver didn’t like the new graphics card as it was setup by default.  After doing some googling with my laptop I […]

Code Reviews

One of my month-end deliverables this month was to have finished reviewing certain portions of code that my team has written.  I have spent the last two hours going throug 20 printed pages of code. (I print the code out because I find it a lot easier to reference multiple sections of code at once […]

Fun and Family

Weekends can be cool.  My mom is in the country this weekend.  She lives in Belgium and comes to SA once or twice a year either to do training here, or as a stopover on her way to Mocambique, Mauritius, Namibia or some other neighbouring country.   This Friday she was doing some training at […]