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Weekends can be cool.  My mom is in the country this weekend.  She lives in Belgium and comes to SA once or twice a year either to do training here, or as a stopover on her way to Mocambique, Mauritius, Namibia or some other neighbouring country.


This Friday she was doing some training at Nedbank and she’s off somewhere else next week (I can’t remember right now where it is) so we (Christie and I) got to spend part of Saturday afternoon with her.  Its always kinda cool to catch up in person instead of over skype.   We’ve slowly upgraded over the years (she’s been gone for about 5.5 years now).  First it was e-mail, then some phone calls (there was some cheap calling plan she got in Belgium), and then last year we moved on to Skype when I got my iBurst.  Now we’re skyping with video when iBurst’s bandwidth is consistent enough to give a decent quality call.


Tonight Christie and I went to see a band play at Tanz Cafe called The Waiting Room.  They were actually very awesome.   Christie found out about the Gig on MySpace and so the two of us and Mari went to go see them. As it turned out we all kinda knew some of the people in the band from somewhere and it bugging us why we recognised them.


Their music is quite cool (they have some samples on myspace) and we were all kinda bummed when they left the stage so that The Garth Taylor Band could play.   We bought their CD and chatted a bit to the guys, as it turns out their one member was in a band called Big Jump Joey and we know one of their ex-members.  I knew that I knew Ryan from somewhere and eventually we found out that he goes to London Road Church in Johannesburg and their lead elder used to run the worship at our church and I’m sure I’ve seen him in their worship bands or something.   A bit later on I realised that I may have actually sung in a choir with Ryan before (either at a conference in Bloem or at a church gathering in Bedfordview).  Their CD thanks a bunch of people that Christie knows, and Mari may have sung with them in some choirs too.  So on at the end of it all we have a whole bunch of connections to them that we didn’t know about before, and if it wasn’t for Christie finding them on MySpace we would probably not know about the band.

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