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Thought 1:

So I just laughed out loud at work, thought “Oh my gosh that sounded just like Leo Leporte” and almost said it out loud when I realised that nobody in the office would get it since they don’t listen to TWIT (This Week In Tech).    It was silly, but it got me thinking about how listening to podcasts can really separate you from “common culture”.  Most people in the office will talk about the latest jokes from “The Rude Awakening”, or other radio stations while I’m talking about the podcasts I listen to.


Thought 2:

A friend of mine just updated his GeoCaching website –  It’s writen in .Net and does some cool stuff to get its stats about which cachers have found new caches.  Their old  site had Google maps to show where certain objects were in the world, and a bunch of other fun stuff like that. Most of their data is taken from either scraping data off images on or by parsing XML files that mails to them containing information on caches.  Its pretty cool considering its a part time hobby of theirs and the fact that it is making quite an impact in the local caching community.

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